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QQI Level 2, Major Award – General Learning Course

The General Learning Course is springboard for a student that is not ready to reengage in the Leaving Cert Applied programme and needs time to adapt to the structure of a school day and also work on their literacy. The overall aim of the programme is to provide learners with the opportunity to improve their communication, numeracy and ICT skills and to have the opportunity to learn new skills that may have a personal relevance to the learner. There are 26 programme modules in this programme. Upon successful completion of a minimum of 5 programme modules a learner will have achieved the required 30 credits for a Level 2 QQI major award. The programme may be offered to learners on a full time or a part time basis and has been designed to be sufficiently flexible so that it may meet the needs of learners who access programmes through many different avenues in WWETB. Overall the programme is based on a duration of 300 hours, to include both class contact time and the learner’s self-directed learning. Upon successful completion of this programme, a learner will have many transfer and progression options available to him/her. The learner may transfer to a programme leading to certification in other awards, either with WWETB or another QQI registered Provider. Similarly, the learner may progress to a programme leading to a Level 3 QQI award, again with WWETB or another QQI registered Provider.

The subjects on this course are the following:

  • Quantity and Numbers
  • Visual Art
  • Woodwork
  • Personal Care
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Data Handling
  • PE
  • Craft
  • Using Technology
  • SPHE

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