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QQI Level 3 & 4

The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to develop the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to use a range of skills and tools, under direction and with limited autonomy, related to seeking employment or in employment. It enables the learner to develop personal qualities and strengths to make informed choices to pursue a range of employment opportunities or to progress to further education or training.



Other Programmes Delivered

Squashy Couch

Is an adolescent health and information project run by an external agency.  The project workers deliver programmes at the centre and learners also attend the project.

First Aid

Basic First Aid makes learners more aware of safety, health and welfare issues and provides training in dealing with minor injuries etc.

Manual Handling

This is a Health / Safety and Welfare programme for learners before they go out on work placement.

Summer Programme

A summer programme is organised every year.  In this programme the learners participate in new activities and educational trips.  Learners can choose from Horticultural or Sports related activities.

Code of Discipline

At Waterford Youthreach we aim to maintain a safe and orderly place where learners and teachers can learn and work together in an atmosphere of co-operation and mutual respect.  A high standard of conduct consistent with our Code of Discipline is expected from all learners.  Courtesy and good manners must be the norm when dealing with all involved in the Centre.

A copy of the Code of Discipline will be given to you during the introduction.

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